Andrew Kasten

Director of Digital Media


Story, Calling and Vision

I’ve received quite a lot in my life from others.

I grew up in San Diego, California. My family always attended church and served in various aspects. I went to Christians schools from kindergarten to high school. We lived in a beautiful neighborhood where my brother, sister, and I could explore on our own. But none of these things saved me from selfish harm. Sin entangled me and I was unable to get free. The Lord brought the Gospel to me in a clear way through a new pastor. Seeing that with man salvation is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Everything in my life changed, and I began to pursue whatever the Lord wanted. The pastor taught us to understand the mission of God and love for all people. When speaking about this and how the Lord can use anyone who is willing. He would say – even Andrew. It illustrates how hidden I was on the outside. The pastor disciplined me, giving me the tools of the Christian life. Over the next 18 years God prepared me to join full-time ministry. This included working various jobs, finishing college and seminary, reading books, and seeking professional counseling.

With these blessings there is an opportunity to bless others. My first cross-cultural journey was to Lebanon in 2004, which solidified my interest in the world beyond my own. In 2004 I went through a mission school at our church and went to Turkey for three months in 2005. 

I attended California Baptist University getting a degree in Digital Media. They have one of the best short term missions programs and I went on a trip every year. I met Eva when we were placed on the same team to teach English in Rwanda. Our friendship and relationship deepend until 2010 when we were married.

The Lord loved and gave his life for us and his Church. Then gave us the mission to tell all people about the forgiveness of sins and to make disciples. Pastors, in particular, accept the call to care for others and give their lives to love and serve the church.As such, every community and church is in need of good pastors and leaders. In the places I traveled I tried to understand the people and their different needs. One that is present around the world is the absence of trained pastors and church leaders.So, the impact of giving access to biblical training is widespread. iTEE Global strives to help with this critical absence. Our vision is to see education and training that becomes self-sustained.

Previously, I’ve been a facilitator teaching online courses like Galatians and Romans. Recently, I’ve accepted to be part of communications as the Director of Digital Media. I’m ensuring our digital media is clear, consistent, and follows our mission, vision and passion. From this we hope to see new partners, new staff and grow the ministry to new areas of the world. I work from home but continue to have the opportunity to go with others when they travel.

One of the biggest things we accomplished this year is starting the Global Insight monthly newsletter. Also, we created a Facebook page and YouTube channel. A few examples are in the header picture.

I hope to give people many opportunities to understand and connect with what God is doing around the world through iTEE Global. Further, give the motivation and opportunity to join in God’s mission.