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General Partnership Intro

Partnering Together

The global training crisis is too great for any organization to tackle on its own. Millions of leaders need training in hundreds of languages. When Jesus spoke to His disciples, commanding them to make disciples of all nations and teaching them to observe all that He has commanded, He was also speaking to the church today. At iTEE Global, this command propels us to action and motivates us to work with the global church to carry out Jesus’ command.

iTEE Global engages partners such as:

North American Churches

Sending short-term mission teams to assist iTEE Global in a part of the world where the church already has relationships. Click here to read about iTEE Global’s Short-Term Action Missions Project (STAMP)

Assisting local churches to develop their own in-house training system for pastoral leaders. iTEE Global accomplishes this by providing training of core teachers, access to the online platform, courses, and ongoing consultation.

International Mission Agencies

Assisting these mission agencies to develop or enhance their own in-house training system to train pastoral leaders in countries where they are already located. iTEE Global provides training for key mission agency teachers, who will be responsible for training all of their missionaries or educators to train field leaders. They will have access to the online teaching platform, courses, and ongoing consultation.

If these mission agencies desire to use any courses in languages, iTEE Global has yet to translate; they can make the training resources available in their particular language.

Some mission agencies may desire to work in certain foreign fields jointly to extend the effectiveness of available resources.

Educational Institutions

Some institutions are new to online education and have little experience using online platforms to train students. iTEE Global can assist in training a core group of teachers in such institutions to learn how best to do this.

Some institutions lack specific courses in various languages. iTEE Global offers to share training courses for pastoral leaders in those languages iTEE Global already has available.

Conversely, iTEE Global may need specific courses in specific languages and are open to using available courses written by educational institutions.
If any educational institutions hope to use courses in languages iTEE Global has yet to translate, they can take on the responsibility of making the training resources available in their particular language.

Some institutions cannot afford an online platform, and/or they do not have the technical expertise to manage such a platform. iTEE Global is ready to assist and partner with these institutions.

International Training Partners

International training partners make up the core of our partnerships. iTEE Global is highly committed to training pastoral leaders outside the U.S. who lack access to biblical and ministerial training, and we do this primarily through local partners in the countries we serve. Through these international partners, we seek to train leaders who will be teaching under the leadership of their own local churches and ministry organizations.

International training partners are independent entities, legally established in their home country, who are aligned with iTEE’s faith commitments and share iTEE’s vision of training pastoral leaders and reproducing disciple makers in fulfillment of the Great Commission. Through iTEE University, iTEE Global works with these partners to provide training, curriculum, and the educational platform needed for the training process.

iTEE Global seeks to partner with such ministries and to assist in their development so that they can become self-sustaining in leadership, funding and growth.

iTEE University Representative

In some countries where iTEE Global is seeking to establish significant relationships and ministry, we seek local partners to advance the ministry of iTEE in their country or region through communication, promotion of iTEE ministries, establishing relationships with local training partners and assisting in the development and growth of local training partners. Such representatives may be individuals or legally-recognized entities,  will be aligned with iTEE’s faith commitments and will share iTEE’s vision of training pastoral leaders and reproducing disciple makers in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Local representatives provide a ministry support role to recruit, assist and serve local training partners through consultation, education, assistance in translation or provision of instructional materials in needed languages, and supporting the use of iTEE University’s online platform in the area.

iTEE University representatives make it their goal to be self-sustaining so that the training delivered in each region of the world is not limited by or dependent on foreign funding. Representatives will be invited to become iTEE staff members to ensure close alignment with iTEE University.

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