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Allow God to multiply disciples

This new campaign of iTEE Global brings God’s word in several languages to hungry pastoral leaders around the world.

In the Gospel of Mark, in Chapter 6, Jesus multiplied the bread and fish to feed over 5,000 people. He could have met this need without any help, but He used his own disciples and the lunch of a little boy to feed the hungry.


A Problem — An Opportunity


new believers are added to the Church each day globally!


trained pastors needed daily!


pastoral leaders trying to nurture and shepherd 100 million people in the faith.

These leaders face many challenges.

Christian training is regulated by the Government.
They do not have a High School diploma
They work full-time jobs to support their families and serve their churches.
Bible training in not available in their native language.

A Strategic Solution

105 Courses Available

iTEE University is the teaching arm of iTEE Global. It was founded to offer programs for a Certificate, a Diploma and an Associate of Arts in Ministry. Programs are designed for pastoral leaders at any stages of their educational journey.

Local Languages

We are translating 15 core courses in foreign languages such as Hindi, Tamil , Urdu , Burmese, Swahili, and Spanish

Local Leaders

We must teach national trainers to disciple and teach pastoral leaders locally.

Local Organizations

We must set up local self-sustaining infrastructure and leadership in every nation, responsible for training their own pastors and leaders.

Local Disciples

For the great commission to be accomplished, more pastoral leaders must be equipped to disciple believers in local congregations to reach their communities with the light and life of Jesus, and this should be done in their own language.

Help Us

In Acts 16:9, Paul was summoned: In a vision, he saw a man from Macedonia asking him to come and preach there. Today we are summoning you, “come help us!” to translate materials in several languages for us to rain pastoral leaders around the world.

How Can You Participate?


Pray for iTEE Global to make pastoral Bible training available in English and local language.

Connect with what God is doing through our Newsletter.

Loaves & Fishes Member

$50 for 1 Translation Unit

17 Units/monthly for 1 year is one course in one new language 

One Time Gift

Give a one time gift of your choice to Loaves & Fishes.

Designation: Loves and Fishes


Let us know your experiences and understanding of the Loaves & Fishes campaign. 


Fill out a commitment response so we know how we should plan. 

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