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Church Partnerships

A Strategic Global Missions Problem

The Global Church is adding 50,000 new believers each day. Unfortunately, millions of pastoral leaders need access to Biblical and ministry training.

New churches need to be led by spiritually healthy and equipped leaders who can lead their congregations to bring the Gospel to their communities. Pastors struggle to minister to and lead their flocks to reach their community and nation without personal spiritual health and biblical and ministry foundations. One solution for meeting this need is STAMP.

STAMP —Short-Term Action Missions Program

STAMP is a discipleship approach to motivate and equip pastoral leaders to train their leaders and fellow pastors with biblical and ministry foundations.

Training nationals to train others in their networks allows us to deliver effective, relationally driven education to pastoral leaders. It begins with a Short-Term Action Missions Program team from a local North American church partnering with iTEE Global.

What does STAMP Involve?

Would you allow God to use you in the lives of pastors and Christian leaders lacking access to Biblical teaching? If you say yes, iTEE Global would love to work with you. One team of 4-8 members from a local church can multiply their lives in the lives of 20-40 pastoral leaders.

Would you like more information about STAMP and what it will take for your church to get involved? Fill out the Explore STAMP Program Questionnaire below to set up an appointment for follow-up contact by our STAMP Team associate.

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Click here to read the story of one church that sent a STAMP team to ZAMBIA in 2020.