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Myanmar Crisis

The Crisis in Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a country in Southeast Asia, rich in culture and history. Beautiful mountains, rivers, and beaches fill the landscape. It is home to around 56.6 million people. Buddhism, 88%, is the majority religion. People visit Buddhist temples and pilgrimage sites, located all over the country. Christians, 6%, and Muslims, 4%, make up the minority religions.

Two years after the Burmese army took over rule of the nation of Myanmar, the future for Christian leaders took an ominous turn. Persecution of believers and many iTEE Global pastoral leaders have been going on since February 2021.

However, this year, on February 15, two pastors had their churches demolished and 12 families of those churches became homeless after their homes were totally destroyed by the army.

Blatant Persecution of Christians

​Recently, according to, there is a new rule that requires members of Christian congregations to report their names to junta-appointed local officials seven days before going to their Sunday worship services in Chin State. Christians make up 85 percent of the Chin State population and the military council’s new rule constitutes a violation of their religious freedom.  It is unknown how long the new reporting rule will stay in effect, or how the military would respond if the Chin people choose to continue attending church without following it.

How Can We Help?

iTEE Global has ministered in Myanmar since 2017. Many of our online students and national counterparts are now in danger physically and economically. Prices of essential goods are soaring, such as food, essential items like medicines, and hygienic supplies. There is a great need for funds to even purchase internet connections to enable online students to continue to study online through iTEE University.

The Myanmar National Director says, “Honestly speaking, we feel unsafe and discouraged. What will happen? We don’t know. We feel hopeless, and upset all the time, day and night. Sometimes, I want to cry out for my children.”

Please pray with us for the support and economic survival of our students, colleagues, and their families.

Please give to our Myanmar Relief Fund to encourage believers in their biblical education.