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Internet Theological Education by Extension

Our Vision
is to promote worldwide, self-sustaining training movements that biblically equip church leaders.

Our Mission
is to bring relationally-driven biblical ministry education to church leaders lacking access.

Our Passion
is to multiply disciple-makers!

Give the opportunity of pastoral training

“The class was a great experience because it's well-planned, concrete, and most importantly, requires us to apply the tools and knowledge we received during the course in our daily life.”

Miguel - StudentEl Salvador

Our Method of Service

  • Project Nehemiah
  • Over 30 courses offered
  • Online
  • Face-to-Face
  • Hybrid

Who We Serve

  • Churches
  • Bible Colleges
  • Mission Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Church Leaders and Pastors

Biblical Principles

Learning Community

Without relationships, content may be distributed but multiplication is less likely to take place.

Clear Objectives

The organization’s mission, vision, and values must saturate the training process from beginning to end.

Biblical Character

The character of the facilitator and of each learner is of ultimate importance.


The process will involve resetting the internal compass of each learner through the exercise of the previous three principles.

Jesus' Example

Jesus used a variety of appropriate learning tools at appropriate times.

Get Involved

There are many ways
to help reach our vision

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