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What is iTEE Global’s method of service?

What is iTEE Global’s method of service?

      1. Though global in scope, the focus is first and foremost on the specific—the specific location, the specific group, the specific person, and the specific need. 
      2. Regarding the specific place, iTEE Global teaches and equips local master trainers to teach interactively, using a discipleship model to make training available for pastoral leaders locally.
      3. Regarding specific need, courses are available through regular local in-person group meetings, fully online courses, and combining both online and in-person teaching.
      4. iTEE Global offers courses in ten global languages and adds courses in new languages as able. In addition, while the meaning stays intact, speaking someone’s language includes cultural and contextual adaptation.

5. The teaching arm of iTEE Global, iTEE University, offers three levels of training: Certificate, Diploma, and Associate of Arts Degree in Ministry. A variety of courses are available in English for these three programs.

6. iTEE University courses are available for use on mobile devices, which is especially important in developing nations. African nations, for instance, rely almost entirely on mobile phones for digital connections.

7. iTEE Global provides follow-up and consultation with institutional leaders regarding progress as they develop their internal extension leadership training systems.