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Our Mission and Passion

Our Mission

Bringing relationally-driven biblical ministry education to church leaders lacking access to it.

Globally, there are over two million pastors lacking access to biblical education. This statistic is heartbreaking. Additional millions of pastoral leaders—elders, deacons, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, and children’s workers—also need a deeper understanding of the Word of God to enhance their ministries.

Our Vision

To launch world-wide self-sustaining training movements that biblically equip church leaders​.

Our Passion

Making disciples who become disciple-makers.

We are passionate about people and passionate about the Great Commission because we aim to extend Christ’s love to all nations. We want to multiply disciple-makers among peoples of different languages, ethnicities, and opportunities. Poverty or disability should not disqualify anyone. In fact, we know those who are often overlooked are indispensable in the Lord’s kingdom! Therefore, we are passionate about accessibility to discipleship and biblical training for all!

In order to make biblical education accessible to millions of church leaders, we must prayerfully and creatively consider things afresh and specifically, rethink our methods of ministerial training. For generations, our institutions have been training leaders to serve the church, but the traditional approach is no longer working. In the regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, tens of thousands are coming to know Christ every day—which is amazing, praise God!—but previous methods of education cannot keep up with the need. Globally, research studies indicate at least 80% of pastors have no access to biblical or ministerial training. As a result, so many churches in developing nations are weak, even fragile. Heresy is common, and few church plants survive past the first year. There must be a better way. Also, though seldom verbalized, many with disabilities are seen as a waste of time and resources, even in wealthy nations like Canada or the United States. This should not be! Again, there must be a different way, one that does not leave people behind. We believe this better approach is one that utilizes technology to equip disciples to make disciples, whether virtually or in person, who in turn train other disciple-makers to keep lifting up the next generation of servant leaders.