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The Basics

  • Provides teacher training
  • Helps develop organizational, church, and school capacity to train leaders
  • Makes theological education accessible
  • Brings the classroom to the student
  • Adjusts education cultural distinctive

The Command

Two thousand years ago, Jesus left a command for his disciples to fulfill. It is the most comprehensive and challenging command given—to make disciples of all nations and to teach all to obey all of Jesus’ teachings. Great strides in the world mission movement can be observed, yet a paradox seems evident. While there are more Christians in the world each day, more Bible translations, more unreached people groups hearing or reading the Gospel, and more and better resources for conducting mission, churches are losing their influence and impact in their communities.

The declining impact of the church around the world is observable by the seeming increase in poverty, injustice, corruption, and violence. Jesus taught his disciples the great command—that is, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. … You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:38-39 NASB. If the latter part of the command is not taking place, then one might assume that the former part of the command is not a present reality. We simply cannot love God and not love our neighbors.

Top leaders across the world state openly that the number one challenge they have is to equip godly leaders who will lead their congregations to love God, obey Him, and love their neighbors. Until congregations and ministries are led by transformed leaders to lead God’s work, the clause in the Great Commission, “teaching them to observe all that I commanded you,” remains largely unfulfilled.

As part of our training design, we take a balanced approach to leadership education. We seek, not only to help leaders in their quest for biblical and ministry knowledge, but also we take them through an interactive process that affects and develops their character and ministry skills.

A 21st Century Global Challenge

Since 2014, iTEE Global has been addressing the leadership gap in churches worldwide. There are millions of senior pastors who have never had access to Bible and ministry training. There are many reasons for this, among them are:

  • The political climate in their country prohibits Bible schools or seminaries.
  • Too expensive
  • Too far away
  • The leader’s education is too low to enter
  • The pastoral leader has to support himself and his family through a secular job and cannot attend a Bible school or Seminary.

Not only are there millions of senior pastors lacking Bible education, but other pastoral leaders also desperately need training. Here is a listing of many more millions of types of leaders without any access to training:

  • Associate pastors
  • Elders, deacons, deaconesses
  • Small group leaders
  • Sunday school teachers
  • Church planters
  • Youth leaders
  • Men’s and women’s ministry leaders.

When such leaders remain without training, the impact on the church is sad. The churches with leaders without Bible and ministry training:

  • Struggle to make an impact in their community.
  • Do not know how to disciple believers in their church because these leaders have never been discipled themselves.
  • Often, have difficulty presenting the Gospel.
  • Sometimes, bring in false teaching because of a lack of knowledge.
  • Have ministries that fail, and churches close their doors.
  • Don’t know how to build a ministry to people in their church to form a firm biblical foundation.

So what is the answer? iTEE Global, together with its ministry partners has been diligently training leaders in over 40 countries since 2014 to multiply disciple-makers. We do this through training a first generation of pastoral leaders using one of the following platforms:

  • Online only facilitated classes
  • Face-to-face facilitated classes
  • Hybrid (combining face-to-face and online platforms)

In turn the first generation of pastoral leaders, together with our partners, are making possible the ongoing training of at least 4 generations of pastoral leaders through a powerful relational discipleship educational model.

The Response

We begin with the learner’s needs by using flexible combinations of oral, audio, textual, dialogic, and face-to-face teaching. Our ministry service is provided as an extension or training arm to existing local ministry institutions such as missions, schools, or church networks.
iTEE Global partners with existing ministries to help them develop sustainable training.  We do this by training master trainers within each organization. Master trainers, in turn, teach facilitators who teach pastors and local leaders in an ongoing way. As the pastor equips his elders and congregation, the Great Commission and the Great Commandment are being lived out. iTEE Global’s role transitions from training to consulting and supporting theologically healthy, sustainable training programs.

We place a high emphasis on attracting trainers who volunteer some or all of their time and energy to help fuel the mission of making biblical training accessible to pastoral leaders globally. By following this pattern, iTEE Global has been able to successfully keep costs of theological education at an affordable level for most pastoral leaders we serve.

Our Vision is to promote worldwide, self-sustaining training movements that biblically equip church leaders.

Our Mission is to bring relationally-driven biblical ministry education to church leaders lacking access to it.

Our Passion is to multiply disciple-makers!