Merging Excellence with Accessibility

Picture of a man inside with a laptop sitting in a wheelchair
Braille device
Woman that has a prosthetic leg sitting in a chair with a laptop,

Because pastoral leaders with disabilities need training, too!

iTEE Global offers accessible training through virtual courses in biblical education, leadership, and ministry. In addition, these courses are affordable when you partner with us. The cost is a fraction of what traditional biblical education institutions require. 

Diverse Delivery

Over 70 courses are available from six evangelical curriculum publishers, in multiple languages through the online Moodle platform. The courses are offered Face-to-face, Hybrid, and Online, in print, and audio, because not every disabled person can use the Internet. 


Courses for persons with disabilities are available online through an accessible portal. Every attempt has been made to ensure that all elements of the courses are accessible. For example a visually impaired student can study using a screen reader, screen magnifier or braille display. 


iTEE Global will train core teachers to receive training to teach online and face-to-face. Those core teachers will be able to train other teachers how to teach using the resources in a scaleable fashion.  During this partnership, you receive education consulting and technical support. 


As a partner, your organization receives training to take advantage of the multiple course delivery options for people with disabilities.

iTEE Global design for adaption of courses can fit various sets of students, and is in multiple languages.

Certificate and diploma-level programs are now available in ten languages.

Are you ready to explore a new area of reaching pastoral leaders with disabilities to make disciple makers?

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