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On Monday Oct 16 we will be redirecting all new incoming emails sent to either or email addresses to the new MS Exchange email service.

If you have either an or email address, you should already have:

  • Received an email asking whether you wanted your old mailbox contents copied to your new mailbox, and responded to it
  • Received an email notifying you that a new Exchange mailbox has been created, logged into the new Exchange mailbox, reset the password, and bookmarked the login page for future use
  • Cleaned up the old mailbox of any unneeded emails and emptied the Trash folder (if you asked us to copy your mailbox contents to Exchange), or taken other steps to save any old emails that are  needed (if you didn’t ask us to copy your mailbox)

At ~11AM CT on Monday Oct 16, we will redirect all incoming and itee,university email to the new Exchange mailboxes. At that point you should:

  • Start using the Exchange mailbox to send and receive all or emails
  • If you’re using an email client on your laptop or cellphone, remove the old “account” that points to the iPage servers and add a new “account” which points to the Exchange servers. If you’re using an Outlook client this will be very easy, but if you need assistance please contact Stan.
  • Recreate your contacts, distribution lists and calendar entries in your Exchange mailbox.

If you asked us to copy your mailbox contents from your old mailbox to Exchange, that will happen during the day Oct 16. By the end of Oct 16 you should see your old mailbox contents in your Exchange mailbox.

If you wish to review the materials covered in our staff meeting on this topic, please click here.