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John Mohr was 18 years old when he committed his life to Christ. He attended Purdue University and was discipled by a graduate student who was a part of the Navigators. It was at a Bible study with the Navigators where he met his wife, Jenni. John has a BS in Industrial Management and has worked for nearly 40 years in the Information Technology (IT) market, 26 years of which were with AT&T. When he first learned about iTEE Global in 2017, it seemed like a good fit, although he was not looking specifically for a global ministry with a passion of multiplying disciple-makers. He was general in his search; he wanted to support kingdom work through his education and work experience. There are some significant differences between The Navigators® and iTEE Global, but both ministries aim to make disciples across the nations. As he reflected on his past experiences, he finally realized that iTEE Global was the perfect place for him to serve, because of the mission, vision, and passion for making disciple-makers.

A Family Man

When growing up as a fraternal twin and later in his role as husband and father, John’s family has always played a key part in his life. John and Jenni have now been married for 44 years and have four children and three grandchildren. He loves spending time with them. In recent years, they have been able to enjoy different scenic locations together. Their next planned family trip is to Lake Michigan.

It is understandable, then, that John’s most troubling times have also been related to family. His daughter was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago. At that time, she stayed in the hospital for a month and later for several week-long stays. Thankfully, the cancer is now in remission. Due to the various treatments, any type of cancer greatly affects the body. It also affects the family members, and especially when a brother in the family has to donate the stem cell for a transplant; this happened in 2018. They had to spend a lot of time together, cherishing those moments, and holding each other in prayer.

Seeing the World

John strongly desired to travel around the world; this made him a good fit with iTEE Global. Before joining our team in 2017, he served for many years on church committees to support foreign missionaries. On various occasions, he traveled to countries in four continents for mission ministry. His wife Jenni came alongside him several times. In 2015, they went to Beijing, China. At that time, Jenni was a college professor in Evansville, Indiana and because of her early childhood education experience, she had the opportunity to go there more than once to support like-minded teachers in professional training workshops. John was able to go with her each time.

John is the Assistant Registrar at iTEE Global. He coordinates activities for iTEE University to run smoothly. He also manages the email system and works on other technical projects. Most of his functions are behind-the-scenes support that is very indispensable. We are grateful to have him on our team.