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Abby Tumelo


Before joining our team in 2017, John served for many years on church committees to support foreign missionaries. He strongly desired to travel around the world; this made him a good fit with iTEE Global.

John Mohr
Assistant Registrar

Global Volunteer Opportunities

When Jesus spoke to His disciples, commanding them to make disciples of all nations and teaching them to observe all that He has commanded, He was also speaking to the church today. At iTEE Global, this command propels us to action and motivates us to work with the global church to carry out Jesus’ command.

Global Trainer

Biblically train students online and in-person. Will travel at least once/year.

Course Publisher / Migrator

Works with existing course materials to prepare them for use in print and on the web.

User Support Analyst

Works with staff and students to help them use iTEE Global computer tools and systems.

Graphic Designer

Supports the graphics needs for Communications, Curriculum Development, and Public Relations areas of the ministry.

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“I'm very impressed with the way that it equipped individuals to begin to learn to teach right away in a comprehensive way.”

Chris Garrison

Teacher Workshop

Your church can receive a face-to-face interactive training workshop with the objective of equipping teachers and leaders to motivate and train others.


20-hour workshop typically over three to four days.

What is Taught?

To effectively apply Jesus’s interactive teaching principles to address the student’s head, heart and hands. Learning these skills allows the student to teach Biblical truth to others.


This is a highly interactive and positive classroom environment with discussion-style teaching.

What Will You Learn?

How people think and how people learn.
A new method for developing a simple and effective teaching plan.
How to be a facilitator who encourages learners to be active participant.

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Just before the restrictions of the COVID pandemic stopped all international flights, a small team of six left Chicago and traveled to serve in one of the world’s poorest countries


Short-Term Action Missions Program

STAMP is a discipleship approach to motivate and equip pastoral leaders to train their leaders and fellow pastors with biblical and ministry foundations. It begins with a team from a local North American church.


4-8 members from a local church


A effective entry point for iTEE University in areas where the Internet is not suitable. Local trainers will have ongoing access to online education and printed material for their face-to-face classes.


Before departure the team completes an orientation training, coordinated by iTEE Global facilitators through a face-to-face meeting as well as via ZOOM.


One team can open up an entire nation to Bible training.

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“Today I am a better preacher and teacher than before I started learning at iTEE University. Immediately as I started learning Galatians, I started preaching to my church. I feel full of the rightful biblical material which I am now offloading to my members. I can see them grow spiritually because they are now fed the right food!”

John Sakala

Biblical Training

iTEE University (educational arm of iTEE Global) delivers discipleship, pastoral, and leadership education that is biblical, personal, transformational, transferable, practical, flexible, economical, and available 24/7.

Three Training Programs

Certificate, Diploma and Associate of Arts in Ministry

Teachers Role

The facilitators make it their purpose to help students engage with course content, serve the student in character development, and stimulate them to apply course learning to real-world ministry.


105 Courses available


Each learner learns Bible knowledge, develops godly character, gains new skills, and becomes a teacher.

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